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My Beginning

I was born and raised in Orlando, Fl. My father was an automotive technician, usually operating his own repair shop. He taught me how to work on cars, which was my first skilled trade. My mother helped run the business and raise me and my four siblings. She was a great woman and taught me just as much about life and keeping a home as my dad taught me about cars and responsibility.

My growth

Eventually, most of my family moved to Columbia, Missouri where my dad is from. A couple years later I decided a change of pace would be nice so I also moved there. I started an asphalt maintenance and paving company called Missouri Brothers Asphalt along with working as an auto tech at a couple shops. The repair shops I worked for just didn’t live up to my standards so a friend of mine and I opened our own shop, M Y Automotive (Mike and Yuri).

Both of these businesses grew into great local brands and We had to decide how to make both of our schedules work out. I spent most of my time operating our asphalt business. We built a good customer base and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves doing all kinds of home repairs and maintenance. Here is where I learned my second skilled trade. From roof leaks to installing new outlets in an addition we were doing it all.

Tales of love…and family

While in Missouri, I met a woman named Bree. We were connected through a couple that we worked with at our two different jobs. I was fixing cars at the time and she was fixing eyes as a nurse technician at a retinal specialist. Bree is one of the three best things that have happened to me. We got married on New Smyrna Beach, July 4th (lucky me, that’s a date I can remember). We have two children. Our oldest is attending the University of Missouri. She is working on her Journalism and Business degrees. She stays busier than I do with all of the extracurricular activities she is into with school while also holding down a job. Our son is a great student, Scout, and teammate. He is (almost)always open to learning new things. I think that is why his coaches get along with him so well. He is a joy to be around and reminds me of what life is really about.

Pulling roots

After visiting Florida enough times in the winter, where there’s no snow and the jackets we pack are much lighter than the ones we wear in Missouri, Bree started wondering aloud what it would be like to live here full time. Since I’m from here I could only agree and not push the idea too hard even though on the inside I wanted to get out of winter land pretty bad. We eventually decided as a family to give it a go and haven’t looked back. It does take a toll to be further away from our daughter but she is becoming more of an independent adult and starting her own life. She is super excited to come visit though which is nice.

Well, here we are. Now what?

Bree has settled into her new role for another retinal specialist in the Tampa area. Our son is getting along well in school, scouts, and sports. He has done fine moving here which is good since that was our biggest worry.
I found a way to still work in my industry and be able to better balance my workload and schedule. I teamed up with Scott Byrnes at All Corners Home Inspections. We decided to help each other and expand into Pinellas county. He taught me how the inspection industry works and how to use our programs and I work on the expansion into Pinellas. I have the Pinellas office set up in Tarpon Springs and do as much meeting and greeting as I can. Pinellas has been a good move and I am really enjoying working here.

We continue

As we move forward in life, we share our good times and struggles. In family and work. I’m happy knowing I have a good team for both sides.